Step 8: Top 5 Places To Meet College Sugar Babies

Where To Meet College Sugar Babies: Where To Go

College sugar babies are a whole other ball game. They’re young, vivacious, and incredibly attractive. They’re everything you want in a sugar baby! So where to find them? Meeting college sugar babies isn’t hard – they’re looking for you too! But there are some places you can go to seek them out yourself. These are the top 5. Try any one of these locations and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you find yourself a sugar babe.

Sugar Dating Sites

Sugar Dating Sites Sugar daddy dating sites are the best, and probably most likely, place that you can meet sugar babies. Don’t go into it blindly though. Always read reviews on sugar baby dating sites before you sign up for anything, so you can save yourself the trouble of choosing a scam site. Do a little bit of research, you didn’t get to where you today by indiscriminately rushing into things, so use the same care here. Once you’ve found a sugar daddy dating site that’s legit, then sign up and check out the members. This is a site that’s exclusively geared toward setting you up with a sugar baby, so it’s the best place to start your search for college sugar babies. You more than likely won’t need to look further than a site like this, but just in case you want to explore all possible areas, you have lots more options for places to go.

Student Dating Sites

There are dating site out there for every kind of dating, and college students is one of them. There are sites dedicated specifically for finding college women to date, and a good number of them are more than likely looking for a sugar daddy. Check out some of these dating sites and see what kind of members they have. You’ll be surprised how many young women in college are looking for an older man on sites like these. Don’t rule out these kinds of places though. If you haven’t found luck in any of the other places, or if you want don’t want to go straight to the sugar daddy sites, then sign up to a student dating site and chat to a few ladies there. Suss out your options on these sites before you commit to anything. It’ll be worth it in the end.


Bars College girls like to drink. And boy can they! On any given night, your likely to find potential college sugar babies out at the bar – especially a campus bar. Don’t target campus bars specifically though unless you can think of a reason why you would be there, aside from looking for potential college sugar babies. An older guy in a college bar can come off a bit negatively, so only go to one of these if you think it would be to your advantage. Otherwise, you can most definitely find college students at any of your local bars. Go out for a few drinks and see what kind of college students are out and about, and if any of them seem to be interested in finding a sugar daddy. You’ll most likely find that you’ll be the one being approached by potential and interested college sugar babies, so have a fun night out and maybe meet your sugar baby!

Social Media

College age women love social media. It’s part of their lives in a very big way, so use this to your advantage in meeting one. There are all kinds of platforms that you could use to engage potential college sugar babies, but the best bets are places like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Instagram is great, because you can browse through their photos to get an idea if they might be in the market for a sugar daddy, and get a feel for who they are a little bit. It’s never been easier to meet a sugar baby online than it is now, since the popularity of social media platforms became widespread and part of every day life. Huge bonus if you see a girl on Instagram that you’ve seen has a profile on one of the sugar daddy dating sites – you know this girl is looking for a man like you! Like her photos, leave flattering comments, and initiate subtle contact to see how she reacts. If she sends you a direct message from there, well then you’re set.


Vacation You travel a lot for work anyway, so you might as well use your trips to all of these locations to meet foreign college sugar babies. Depending on where you go, just being a rich man from another country to attract tons of local college sugar babies to you. Any number of places that you could go for vacation will have college students. This is especially true if you travel anywhere during spring break. You’ll meet hundreds of college sugar babies during that time in any place that has a beach and bars. You’ll find yourself a sugar baby right away because these women will want a guy who can finance their spring break and buy them drinks all week long! Take advantage of this! Propose a longer term sugar daddy arrangement when this happens, and you’ve found yourself a college sugar baby on vacation. It really doesn’t matter where originally from, because you can fly out to see her, or fly her out to see you, whenever you want. Distance is no issue when you have money like you do, so having a college sugar baby from anywhere in the world is more than possible!

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