Step 9: What To Take Note Of In A Sugar Baby Profile

What To Look For In A POT Sugar Baby Profile

You’ve been on dozens of sugar baby dating sites and seen hundreds of women’s photos, but what should you be looking for when reading a sugar baby profile? We’ve got find main things that you should take note of when you’re looking at a sugar baby profile to make sure you find yourself the best possible sugar baby match for you. From her appearance to her overall attitude, there are a few little things that will help you make that assessment.

Sugar Baby Profile Note #1: Her Photos

Sugar Baby Profile Note #1: Her Photos You can get a pretty good idea of the type of person someone is just be looking at their photos. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, and that’s most certain true in a sugar baby profile. Look at the type of poses she is doing, how she’s dressed – how she’s presenting herself. This will give you an immediate idea of what she would be looking for in a sugar daddy relationship. If she’s scantily clad and sexily posed in the majority of her pictures, then chances are she wants an older man to spoil her and show her a good time in bed. She wants sex from you and you know you want to deliver. However, if you want a more demure and slightly different arrangement, then check for a sugar baby profile that has pictures with photos on the classier side. Photos are extremely important in online sugar daddy dating.

Sugar Baby Profile Note #2: Her Aspirations

It’s smart for a sugar baby profile to have a description of what her goals are in life and for the future. The better profiles include these, because those women are ambitious and make the best sugar babies, quite frankly. An ideal sugar baby would have career goals and an idea of what she’s after in life, and wants you as a mentor to help her achieve those things. A sugar baby like this is a pleasure to be around and grateful for the experience and the help you can offer. Sugar babies who have no clue as to what they want or who have no future goals tend to become a burden, and rarely offer lasting good natured company. Focus on a sugar baby profile that includes a brief description of her goals.

Sugar Baby Profile Note #3: Her Location

Sugar Baby Profile Note #3: Her Location If having a local sugar baby is important to you, then you need to make sure she lives near you. Check the location in the sugar baby profile to double check that she’s a legitimate candidate to be your sugar baby. Some men prefer to have sugar babies in different countries, so again, it’s essential to look for where she is if this is an important factor for you. Having a sugar baby in a different country is never an issue of cost, you can obviously afford to see her whenever you want, but some men like the convenience of being closer to their sugar baby. It all comes down to how often you want to see your sugar baby and how likely you see yourself being able to make that happen. If you don’t think you could realistically fly to England once a week at a minimum in order to see your sugar baby, then you probably shouldn’t look into pursuing anything with the woman behind that sugar baby profile. Be practical about what expectation you can offer her and yourself in terms of time together.

Sugar Baby Profile Note #4: Her Age

Depending on her age, she may not qualify as a sugar baby. If a sugar baby profile has an age that is less than 10 years you junior, she isn’t technically a sugar baby. The closer in age you two are, the more your situation reflects a traditional dating relationship, which isn’t really what you want. Older women probably don’t need or want a sugar daddy for the same reasons as the younger ones, so try and take note of how old she says she is, and if you think that would make her a sugar baby or not for you. Some men go for exclusively women who are at least 20 years younger than them, so checking the age on a sugar baby profile is a good idea if this applies to you. Most sugar babies will include this in their profile, as the majority of online dating websites do require members to enter in their age as part of the introductory process.

Sugar Baby Profile Note #5: Her Personality

Sugar Baby Profile Note #5: Her Personality The overall presentation of a sugar baby profile will give you a solid impression of who that girl is. This is why it’s extremely important to read the whole thing and check out all of the photos. You want to look at the language she uses, the kinds of photos she uploads, and whether or not she has a future plan to get an really good idea of who that woman is as a person. This will be key factor in helping you to decide whether or the the sugar baby profile you’re interested in is about a girl that you would want to be your sugar baby. Is this someone you would want to spend time with? Do you want to help her achieve her goals? Do you see yourself mentoring her in any way? Ask yourself these questions when you see a sugar baby profile that you’re interested in exploring.

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