Step 6: How To Spot A Male Sugar Baby

How To Spot A Male Sugar Baby: What To Look For

Sugar babies aren’t just a role for females. There are male sugar babies too! Sometimes spotting them is a little bit tricker than their female counterparts though. There are many ways to spot a male sugar baby, if you know what to look for! It’s usually somewhat obvious, but some things are a little bit more subtle. Whether you’re looking for yourself or just for curiosity, this is how to tell. If you think you might be talking to a male sugar baby, and want to possibly make him yours, here’s how to tell if he’s already living the sugar baby lifestyle.

Nice Clothes

Nice Clothes Sugar babies generally wear the best clothes, so if you’re looking at a young guy who’s wearing designer labels, he might just be a sugar baby! While the labels might not be visible, the fit and fabric will be. Sugar babies have access to tailors and their clothes are going to be perfectly fit to their form, and very high quality. No H&M shirts and board shorts here. A male sugar baby is more likely to wear an Armani shirt or something from Banana Republic than they to wear anything from a store that the average guy could afford to wear. There will be no rips or holes in his clothes, unless they’re part of the design (like ripped jeans), and everything will always look brand new. These guys can afford not to wear the same thing twice, as their closets are stocked full of the best clothes that their sugar daddy or sugar momma’s money can buy. Keep an eye out for the high quality clothing and probable brand name labels that the men will be wearing, and that’ll be your first clue about whether or not he’s a sugar baby.

Immaculate Appearance

A sugar baby always looks great in public, so their appearance is pretty noticeable. Their hair is perfectly styled, their brows and body hair are waxed or shaved. These are the guys that are enviable in how they look and how they present themselves. They’re never scruffy or rugged, they always appear to have their stuff together in ways that you can only wish you did. If you find that you’re unable to take your eyes off of the beautiful and impeccable young man in front of you, chances are he’s a sugar baby! A male sugar baby would never leave the house with facial stubble, or unkempt hair, so if he has these things, he’s probably just a regular guy – not the male sugar baby you’re looking for.

In Great Shape

In Great Shape One of the things any sugar baby needs to do is to be in great shape. This is actually a staple for sugar babies. A male sugar baby will have toned arms and legs, and visibly will be very physically fit. Part of being a sugar baby is genuinely looking your best, and this would obviously include being in really good physical shape. We’re attracted to muscles and fit bodies, so it works to their advantage to work hard at the gym if they want to find a sugar daddy. If the man you’re looking at is really toned, and has great style, you’re more than likely looking at a male sugar baby. Their bodies and stamina just won’t quit.

With Sugar Daddy

A huge and very obvious giveaway to a male sugar baby is if he’s with a sugar daddy. They aren’t hard to spot when in a sugar couple. You’ll see an older, probably somewhat attractive but obviously wealthy man with a young hot guy by his side. That, gentlemen, is a male sugar baby. Sugar daddies and sugar babies go out on the town together as a rule, that’s just what they do – nice dinners, see a show, any kind of fun or expensive outing that they could do together, they will. So if you see an older men with a very attractive younger one on his arm, you can be sure that he’s most certainly a male sugar baby. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sugar daddy either. You might see an older woman (a cougar) with a hot young guy, who is clearly not her husband or age – that would be a sugar momma! And she’ll have her male sugar baby on her arm all night long so you’ll know him when you see him!

Expensive Accessories

Expensive Accessories Gifts come with the sugar baby territory, and they tend to be on the expensive or extravagant side. A male sugar baby will have expensive jewellery on – like watches or necklaces. His shoes will be top of the line designer brands, only the best of the best. And he might even be driving a really nice and clearly expensive car. This car would have been a gift from his sugar daddy or sugar momma. But if you see a young guy with extremely nice things that look really expensive AND he looks impeccable, he’s more than likely a male sugar baby. These guys like flashy things so they aren’t subtle about their lives. They want to be noticed and they want to be admired. A young man with expensive things that it doesn’t look like he’d be able to buy himself probably hasn’t. If he’s decked out in shiny jewellery and flaunting it all over, again, this is probably a male sugar baby who’s letting the world know it!

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