Step 10: How To Spoil Your Sugar Baby

How To Spoil Your Sugar Baby – 5 Easy Ways

One of the main reasons you want a sugar baby is to spoil her! So how can you be absolutely sure that you’re doing that to the maximum of your ability? Do you just give her presents? Give her money? How much money? (See step 5 for the answer to this question). For everything else, we’ve got your back here. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 methods of lavishing your sugar baby in luxury to keep her at her happiest. A happy sugar baby means a fantastic evening so it’s really in your best interest to take note and know what to do!

Lots Of Gifts

Give your sugar baby a gift every time you see her. Make her feel special at all times. Jewellery is a must, so buy her as many diamonds as her neck, wrist, and fingers can support! Lingerie makes for a mutually beneficial present that you both get to enjoy, so this is a great gift to give your sugar baby about once a month. You’re giving her an allowance which include a budget for her to go shopping, but give her brand name clothes anyway. Purses and accessories are key, as being seen wearing designer duds is a big deal for most women. Buy her a car if she needs one so she can drive herself wherever she needs to go, and to see you! Buy her a puppy if she’s always wanted one, or a pony. Whatever it is that she wants, give it to her!

Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments Keep your sugar baby relaxed at all times by treating her to frequent spa treatments. Facials are relaxing for her and beneficial as well, because they’re a tool for maintaining beautiful, youthful skin. Everyone loves a great massage, so pay for your sugar baby to have one every week. Manicures and pedicure are an obvious one to be invested in, because they keep her looking great and are a pleasure to experience. There’s more to a spa treatment than relaxation though. If your sugar baby wants a laser treatment or something to the effect of enhancing her beauty beyond creams and massages, pay for her to get whatever it is done. After all, she is doing for you!


Take a vacation a little bit more often and take your sugar baby on a vacation a couple of times a month. These getaways don’t have to be exotic adventures to different countries, but those are a must at some point as well. You can take her to a private cabin in the Alps or Aspen, if your goal is to simply spend time together in some beautiful scenery. She’ll mention to you some places that she’s always wanted to travel to so make those wishes come true for her and fund her dream vacation. Give her a chance to explore the world in a way that she would never have had the chance to before – not without the money to pay for it. She can experience a whole new level of travel and life experience through your generosity, and that’s going to feel good for both of you. There’s really no downside to being able to travel to fantastic resorts and private villas around the world with a beautiful woman.

Lavish Dinners

Lavish Dinners A girl has got to eat, so don’t skimp on the food for your sugar baby. She knows how to take care of herself, and she goes to the gym to look good, so it’s about the amount of food she eats. It’s making sure that she’s fed, and that she’s eating the best food available to her and you. Hire private chefs to cook her favorite meals at your place, or treat her to an unforgettable dinner at your city’s top rated and most exclusive restaurant. Food is a class of luxury that few people truly get to experience, so making a foodie out of your sugar baby will change her life for the better in so many ways. Having the chance to eat dinner on a private villa in Venice isn’t your average date, so it’s one that you need to make happen for your sugar baby. She’s watching shows like The Bachelor and wants a man that can take her on dates of that caliber. You’re the man with the means to do that, so why not make it happen?


Everyone likes to be paid attention to but that’s not exactly what we mean. Yes, it’s important to pay attention to your sugar baby, but you also want to listen to her when you’re together and not let you focus stray too much. Give her your focus, and always be respectful by not gazing at other women when you’re out in public together. That’s a classless move and should not be your style. Show your sugar baby that you’re thinking about her by sending her little tokens of appreciation, like flowers or hand-delivered jewellery. When you’re in bed, make sure she’s getting hers and pleasure her the way she’s most certainly pleasuring you. If your sugar baby feels in any way ignored or neglected, she will leave you and find a sugar daddy that will give her the attention she craves. It’s not always about money in a sugar daddy and sugar baby arrangement, you also need to let each other know that you’re there. Human connection is just as much of part of your situation as the finances so don’t forget about that when you’re dating a sugar baby.

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