Why I Wish I Never Used SugarDaddie.com | A Review

Why I Wish I Never Used SugarDaddie.com | A Review

Never Even Consider Using SugarDaddie.com For Sugar Daddy Dating

SugarDaddie.com was the biggest waste of my time. I’m so annoyed that I stuck with it for as long as I did; I didn’t meet any sugar babies whatsoever. I could have actually met real sugar babies if I used a different sugar baby dating site, but I was careless and didn’t look into it before I joined. I was too excited to be smart about it, and I really do wish that I had looked into other ones before I joined SugarDaddie.com.

First Impression: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

First Impression: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site This might be why I was tricked into using this stupid site, because signing up was so easy. They just asked me for a username and photo, as well as my age and location. That’s it. I thought that was the norm, I’d never done this before so I didn’t know that they should’ve asked more questions about what I wanted. Anyways, I started looking on the site for hot young women to go out with, and that’s when I noticed some red flags. Roughly 90% of the photos were Victoria’s Secret model gorgeous, which I thought was nice but not super realistic. I tried messaging a few of those women but didn’t hear back, so it became obvious that they were fake. And that was just day 1.


I sent out a lot of messages to women I thought would make good sugar babies, but I heard back from only fake profiles or obvious gold-diggers. I quite truthfully don’t understand how I let myself spend 3 entire months on this site, when it’s obvious in looking back that it was a scam. I’m not happy with myself. I didn’t meet anyone, and if I wasn’t busy enough dealing with my company, I’d seriously consider taking their asses to court. 566 messages received 320 messages sent 241 replies 0 dates 0 sugar babies

So-Called Features

SugarDaddie.com doesn’t have many good features. I was looking for something to help match me with a good sugar baby but they didn’t have anything like that. The more I looked, the more I noticed the crappy design was, and there was little to no effort put into anything that might help “members” meet. More than anything what they had was just space filler. Ads: There were so many ads that it really was ridiculous. You couldn’t change a page without having a new ad pop up on the screen. Some of these disabled my whole browser so I had to close it and open it again if I wanted to keep looking on the site. It was extremely inconvenient. I also suspect that my laptop got a virus from one of this site’s ads so that was great. No Video Chat: This was questionable because I couldn’t see any of the women I was talking to. I wanted to be able to see that they were really who they said they were, but I couldn’t. What kind of dating site doesn’t offer video chat of some kind? It’s one the easiest ways to connect with people online, but obviously a scam site wouldn’t have it. I should have trusted my gut, but I really wanted to meet a sugar baby so I kept using the site.

Final Decision

Make sure to read sugar daddy dating site reviews before you join anything. Never use SugarDaddie.com whatever you do! It’s the biggest scam I’ve ever seen and I feel pretty stupid for using it as long as I did. Don’t be me – make sure you do some research before you use one of these sites, because you could just be wasting your valuable time. I definitely was. Luckily, I found a different one that is legitimate so I’ve met a sugar baby on there, but if I stayed on SugarDaddie there’s no way I would have.