User Review – You’ll Be Disappointed

User Review – You’ll Be Disappointed Not Good

If you think you’ll actually meet any sugar babies on, you’ll be disappointed. Not only are the profiles fake, the whole site’s a scam. The cost of the membership wasn’t expensive by any means, but the idea that I paid any money to this con site infuriates me. Had I looked into it before I gave them my financial and personal information, I would’ve seen that there are a lot of red flags. I should have known better, so I blame myself in part for that. But I just wanted to meet a young woman to help out financially and introduce to the lavish lifestyle of the rich for a little while. Apparently that was too much to ask of this sugar daddy dating site.

First Impression: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

I’ve been so disillusioned by and the experience I had during my 3 month membership that I can’t even remember the registration process at this point. I don’t think it was terrible, I’m pretty sure it was simple and straight-forward because my problems didn’t start until after I started messaging what I thought were other members. I’m not sure who was getting the messages I sent, but I can tell you most of them were not real women. I digress. Once I had signed up and uploaded my information and payment, I was free to search.


Results I received way more messages than I sent, and I know for a fact that this is because of some kind of trigger bot. I must have a keyword or something in my profile that made certain messages go to me. It was clearly prewritten and had little actual information in it. Aside from that, it was rude as hell. First thing these messages asked was how much money I’d give them. Excuse me? Goodbye. I somehow managed to talk to a few legitimate women, but I wouldn’t say they were sugar baby material. One of them I’m sure was an escort, but she was very good looking. Not what I was looking for though. 567 incoming messages 322 outgoing messages 289 replies 1 almost date 0 sugar connections

So-Called Features

This site had no features as far as I’m concerned. They claim to have customer service representatives available all the time, but that’s a flat-out lie. Aside from that, had no working features that would be helpful in any way to paying members. Customer Service: It was almost impossible to get a response from anyone at SecretBenefits. When I finally managed to get an answer, they were extremely rude and basically told me it was my problem and if I wanted it fixed to get a new computer. Great, thanks for your advice pal. I own a tech company, I know it’s not on my end. Video Chat: This “feature” didn’t work the entire time I was a member on the site. In 3 months, they couldn’t get this simple feature working properly, and that was extremely suspicious to me. If it was being offered as a legitimate feature, surely the site would it’s members to be able to use it to connect with each other. But nope. Black screen and no audio the whole time, very odd.

Final Decision

Use any other sugar daddy dating site than this one. Don’t ever use unless you’re looking to piss your money away. There are only escorts and robots on this site, no actual potential sugar babies. I would have been better off cruising some sugar daddy frequented bars to find a young lady but that’s not my scene so I thought going online would be easier. I might have been if I’d done it differently, but one thing’s for sure – I would never recommend this site to anybody. I hope they get shut down for poor business practices and fraud.