There’s A Reason Has Good Ratings

There’s A Reason Has Good Ratings

Why Is The Best Site Out There!

Why Is The Best Site Out There! I couldn’t be more impressed by I met the best sugar daddies and had so much fun doing it, it was incredible! Best decision ever made. If I’d chosen any other sugar daddy dating site, I don’t think I would had nearly the same experience. I’m forever grateful to my bff for introducing me to this world of dating and especially for telling me about this site.

First Impression: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

Signing up for was really easy and really didn’t take me very long to do. I actually expected to be registering for about 30 minutes, but it was so straight-forward I was done in probably only 10! I just had to answer a few questions about why I was on the site and what kind of sugar daddy arrangement I wanted, where I live and how old I am. I added a picture last and then I was done and ready to find my sugar daddy


I was beyond pleased with my results using I was a member of the site for about 2 and half months before I found the perfect sugar daddy for me. During those 2 and half months I had a blast with the men I went out with. The men on this site are amazingly generous, funny, and classy as hell – I was so blown away by how gentlemanly they all were. We had some great conversations and amazing dinners at the best restaurants I’ve literally ever been to in my life. Ultimately I found one man who met all of my sugar daddy criteria, but I still have great friendships with the men I went out with before meeting him! 462 messages sent 344 replies 298 message received 3 dates 1 perfect sugar daddy

Things That Worked For Me

Things That Worked For Me I knew going into this that I wanted to be proactive and make sure I did the best I could on my end to meet a great sugar daddy. A couple of things I made sure to do when I was perusing sugar daddy dating potential matches were as follows: Making The First Move: I never waited for someone to message me first if I was interested in meeting them. I always made sure that if I was interested in someone’s profile, I would send a flirt or a message to initiate contact. I just felt (and still do) that waiting around for someone to come to you leaves too much opportunity to miss out, so I avoided that chance by going for it. Being Open: I was always upfront and fully honest about what I wanted in a sugar daddy, and I really think that helped me find the perfect one. I didn’t settle for less than what I was looking for, and I’m glad I didn’t. I was also always open to new experiences, so if someone wanted to take me out to a place I’d never thought of going before, I’d always be down. I ate some new foods this way and met some great people that I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet if I’d been close-minded.

Top Notch Features has some awesome features that helped me tremendously in meeting sugar daddies. There were lots, but my personal favorites were: Favorites List: I loved being able to save my preferred profiles into one convenient list. That way I didn’t have to search for them when I wanted to message them, I could just go to my list and send one from there. Very convenient. Free For Women: This site has free membership for women, so I didn’t have to pay anything to get into sugar daddy dating! All I had to do was sign up to the site and I was able to browse, no tedious credit card registration or anything. I literally had nothing to lose by trying this site. Auto-Match: Based on your profile information and location, the site suggests matches to you that it thinks would be best. This was helpful because there are thousands of members on the site, which would be impossible to search through. I was given suggested matches that actually worked for me; the suggestions were spot on! I don’t know if there’s a person behind that feature or not, but they’re doing a damn good job!

Helpful Advice:

Helpful Advice: There are so many cliched pieces of advice that I came across while I was looking into sugar daddy dating sites, and I don’t want to give more. I can think of one major mind-set that I had that probably helped me a lot more than I thought it would while I was looking for a sugar daddy. Don’t Overthink It: Overthinking is the enemy. Especially in sugar daddy dating! There’s zero reason to overanalyze here – you’re just supposed to have fun! It’s a no pressure, purely enjoyable dating arrangement that isn’t supposed to cause stress so just keep that in mind. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by meeting a sugar daddy, so just take it easy and try and relax while you’re looking. Focus on the fun, and not on what you might be doing wrong or whatever it is you worry about. There’s no need for it in sugar daddy dating!

Not-So-Awesome Features

I was impressed with basically everything about about this site, so I don’t really have too many criticisms. The one thing I really didn’t like was: Ads: There were just too many ads for me. I didn’t like that they would pop up when you went to a new page sometimes, and the side banners were a bit distracting. I get that sites need ads to function, but I thought that they could have been toned down big time to make it better and a bit easier for members to browse.

Final Decision

I would recommend to anyone who wants to get into sugar daddy dating. It’s an amazing site, so well made, and actually wants its members to connect and meet. It’s a great experience and the men on the site are fantastic. I had some of the best dates of my life thanks to the connections I made on this site, and I couldn’t have asked for more from a sugar daddy dating site. If you choose any other site to use, you’re seriously missing out. I’m not saying it will change you life, but it changed the way I look at dating and meeting people in general. It was easier and more fun than I ever could have imagined sugar daddy dating could be. Try it now!