A Delighted User Review: MillionaireMatch.com Is Great

A Delighted User Review: MillionaireMatch.com Is Great

MillionaireMatch.com Is #1 In Sugar Daddy Dating

MillionaireMatch.com is by far the greatest sugar daddy dating site online. It has the best members and real sugar daddies, which I was skeptical of before. I had seen some stories about scam sites or sites where men pretend to be sugar daddies to meet young women, but I’m thrilled to be able to say that this site does not have any issues like that. It’s legit and so are the sugar daddies on it!

First Impression: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

First Impression: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site Signing up as a member on MillionaireMatch.com was easy and fast. They didn’t have a huge long questionnaire to fill out like I’d seen on some other dating sites, they just wanted my basic information to join. Since it’s free to women, I didn’t have to fill out anything relating to my credit cards or banking info, so that saved me some time too. I took a few pictures specially for the site so I uploaded those and once that was done I was officially a member!


I had really good results on MillionaireMatch.com. I got tons of messages from interested sugar daddies so that was a major self esteem boost! I replied to as many as I could, but I had to focus on the ones I was most interested in actually meeting, or I wouldn’t have had any time to go out on dates! I did go on 5 dates with different potential sugar daddies, and even though they didn’t all work out, I had a great time with them. The men on this site are legit millionaires, and all around great guys, from my experience. I wanted to keep my options open so I went out with a few different guys before I met the one that was perfect for me and my situation. The guys all knew what I was doing, and they supported my plan, so it was a really great time! 677 messages received 432 messages sent 342 replies 5 dates 1 sugar daddy

Things That Worked For Me

Some things that I did while using the site that worked to my advantage were: Don’t Wait Around: Don’t just wait for potential sugar daddies to message you, message them first if you want to meet them! You’ll meet more men this way and better your odds of finding your perfect sugar daddy. Have Good Pictures: Upload more than just selfies. Obviously selfies as well, but show your whole body so your potential sugar daddy can see what you look like from head to toe. This will be appreciated by those members because you’ll show up to your date actually looking like your photos, and won’t be a surprise.

Top Notch Features

Top Notch Features There were some amazing features on MillionaireMatch.com that I really liked. Just for saving space, I’ll stick to the top 3 in my books. Verified Profiles: The site has the option for the men to verify their profiles, but also their income as well. Certified millionaires have diamond’s beside their profiles, and this was a super great option to have. I felt comfortable contacting these guys because I knew that they were legit sugar daddy material, and that they were also actually who they said they were. The profile photos and information are all verified and certified to be accurate and true, and I just loved this. It really made my life easier. No Ads: I loved that there were no ads on this site! Every other website has pop ups and banners, and whatever else they can get, all over the screen. But this site had zero! It made using the site that much better and easier because I didn’t have to click off an ad or deal with any annoying pop ups. Huge fan of this feature. Free For Sugar Babies: MillionaireMatch offers free membership for sugar babies, and that’s just grand. I couldn’t have been happier about this, because I obviously don’t have a lot of money or I wouldn’t need to be looking for a sugar daddy! So this was extremely beneficial to me, and I’m sure all the other sugar babies on there.

Helpful Advice

Online dating can be tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. Some words of advice that I could offer to anyone using MillionaireMatch for sugar daddy dating would be: Focus On Verified Members: They offer this feature because it works, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t automatically focus on these profiles but I’m just telling you that you should. These are profiles that you know are legit because they’ve given the site permission to look into them, and it checked out. Going for these guys eases your mind; you know that they’re actually millionaires, and you know that they’re real people. These are two things that are most important so being able to see that it’s there in front of you was awesome. It gave me peace of mind contacting these guys, knowing they weren’t scammy pervs. Be You: This is so cliched, but honestly just being yourself will go a long way. These men are looking to meet young women, they know you aren’t the queen of sophistication or money, and that’s part of the appeal I think. Just in general I’ve found that being yourself and showing your true personality is a good thing, and only gets positive results. Pretending to be someone you aren’t won’t work out in the long run, and a lot of times they’ll see right through it. Avoid looking like a fake and just be you.

Not-So-Awesome Features

Although I loved pretty much everything about this site, I noticed that there was an obvious feature missing that I would have liked to use when I was on the site. No Video Chat: There’s no way to video chat with other members using the site, but you can get around this by using Skype or FaceTime. This is probably why they didn’t choose to offer video chat – because there are other ways to do it. It didn’t really effect my time on their, just because I did use Skype if I wanted to video chat, but I thought it would’ve been nice if it was offered through the sugar daddy dating site.

Final Decision

I would hands-down tell anyone who wants to get into sugar daddy dating to use MillionaireMatch.com. The profile verifications alone could be enough of a reason to pick this one, but when you look at how awesome the members are, it’s really just the whole package. Would give this site 10/10 if there was a rating option, but since there isn’t, I’ll just tell you that. I’ve told literally all of my friends to sign up and get into sugar daddy dating, because it’s seriously the best thing I’ve done in a long time. I’m having the best time and meeting great men, and that’s all because of MillionaireMatch.