A Review Of HotSugarBabies.com By A Pissed Off User

A Review Of HotSugarBabies.com By A Pissed Off User

Why I Want To Sue HotSugarBabies.com

If I felt that it was worth spending any more time on HotSugarBabies.com, I’d take them to court. The amount of money they scammed from me is despicable. I’ve worked very hard for a long time to earn the money that I have now – I’ve more than earned the right to hold the “sugar daddy” title. I joined this site looking for an attractive young lady to spoil and pamper for a little while, but I only found frustration and a dip in my bank account.

First Impression: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

It was way too easy to join this site. All I was required to do was pay the $70 premium membership fee, fill out some standard demographic questions and upload a photo. I should think that a site that claims to match its members with the perfect sugar baby would want to know a lot more about each member, but I guess not. It really only wants my money and my zip code. This became clear when the overwhelming majority of my “matches” were located within a 5 mile radius. They were hardly relevant matches, and were becoming increasingly clear that it was usually not real women behind those profiles.


Results I sent out quite a few messages to women I thought looked interesting and attractive. I got an incredible amount of incoming messages from women who were supposedly interested in me. I would estimate that roughly 80% of the messages I received were from fake profiles. The grammar and spelling was all over the place, and the back and forth was impossible. The person on the other was obviously incapable of crafting responses to my messages which made it clear that what I wrote was not actually being read by a human. I had 2 dates, both with women who turned out to be nothing like their profiles and both were married. Not interested in infidelity. I let this go on for 3 months, but in that time I saved all of the messages as proof for when I’m able to take legal against them. 380 messages sent 254 replies 490 messages received 2 weird dates 0 sugar babies

So-Called Features

There was so very little on this site that I would say was helpful. I wouldn’t even call them features. The things that were most noticeable above anything else were the issues that the site presented. Technical Problems: Glitches, freezing and malware galore on this scam site. I had to install a couple of different ad blockers and anti-virus software programs, some of which disable some supposed “features” on the site. Features should work regardless of malware precautions. Bad Members: The members that were actual women were not sugar baby material. They wanted the wrong things and a whole hell of a lot of them were escorts and prostitutes. It wasn’t hard to spot most of them – they made it clear in their photos what they were after. But I myself wanted a sugar baby, not a hooker.

Final Decision

I can’t stress enough how important it is that you read reviews on sugar daddy dating sites. This goes for any kind of dating site. It could cost you hundreds of dollars and too many hours of wasted time if you don’t. Unfortunately, as per a “buyer beware” sort of agreement on joining this scam of a website, I agreed that I couldn’t take legal action against them on certain grounds. I’m currently working with a lawyer to find a way around this, and to get my money back. I feel like the only way to rectify what’s been taken from me is to take legal action against a company that’s clearly fraudulent. As I businessman myself, I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to sniff them out a mile away.