“HoneyDaddy.com Is Nothing But A Giant Scam” | Review

“HoneyDaddy.com Is Nothing But A Giant Scam” | Review

HoneyDaddy.com Is A Fraud

HoneyDaddy.com is nothing but a giant scam, and I would never in a million years tell anybody to even try it. They took my money and gave me nothing at all. How can that be allowed? I make a point to follow legal and proper business practices at my company, I would have expected that a sugar daddy dating site would operate somewhat similar, but that’s not the case. They have no regard for these things, or for people’s time, which is clear in how little they seem to want their members to actually meet.

First Impression: Joining The Sugar Daddy Dating Site

It was extremely easy to join HoneyDaddy.com, I just had to upload a photo and answer maybe 4 simple questions about myself. After that I was free to browse the site. I noticed pretty quickly that the women on the site weren’t what I would have thought a sugar baby would be. I expected beautiful, young women but more than anything I kept getting messages and seeing profiles of cougars or recently divorced women in their 40s. Most of these profile pictures were horrendous and a quick glance at their profiles proved they were definitely not sugar baby material.


Results I got a bunch of messages from women, and I sent some to the more legitimate looking profiles, but I didn’t go out with a single woman from the site. None of them were what I would call a sugar baby, and it was really frustrating to see so many non-sugar baby women on a site for sugar baby dating. I would have thought they’d screen their members a little better, but they apparently just want the money from the membership. I didn’t meet any sugar babies whatsoever. 460 messages received 320 messages sent 100 replies No sugar baby

So-Called Features

They had very few things on the site that I would call a feature, except the GPS. Overall, it was severely lacking in features to help it’s members connect, and the ones they did have did not work properly. What a terribly made site. GPS Match: This was basically the one feature that HoneyDaddy had going for it, and it didn’t work. It tried to match me with people in different counties, and in a few cases in different countries! Why bother having something like this if you can’t even make it do the thing it’s made to do? Message Spam: I got a lot of messages and notifications to my email, to the point where the emails became spam. They have no option to opt-out of getting emails from the site, so I just had to let my inbox fill up with junk from this site. I get a lot of important and legitimate emails every day, and to be checking my phone for a plan message from this site is extremely inconvenient and annoying.

Final Decision

I wish very badly that I had never found HoneyDaddy.com. I should have checked out other sugar daddy dating sites before I settled on this one, but I was excited about the idea of finding a sugar baby for the summer. I completely forget about logic, it seems. This site does nothing for its members in terms of helping them meet, and it doesn’t even check to make sure that the people on the site actually fall into the category of dating for it. This is supposed to be a sugar baby dating site, so why did I see so many cougars and milfs? Very poor planning and execution of a site for people who just want a simple style of dating. I would advise anyone who’s looking into this site to move right along and onto a different one, because you won’t get anything worth your while out of this one. Huge scam.