What Kind Of Sugar Daddy Are You? | A Mini Guidebook

What Kind Of Sugar Daddy Are You?

There are several different kinds of sugar daddies, but they can be narrowed down to a few most popular. Which of these five types of sugar daddy are you? You might just surprised yourself.

The Professional

The Professional This kind of sugar daddy is a very busy man. With a super busy work schedule, this sugar daddy doesn’t have a whole lot of time to devote to his sugar baby. That’s why he needs a woman who understand his need for independence, and can take care of herself in his absence. This kind of sugar daddy tends to be successful in most areas of life, sometimes at the cost of certain other things. In any case, the professional kind of sugar daddy is an ambitious man and knows how to give his sugar baby what she wants.

The Newbie

The Newbie This sugar daddy is a first-timer! He’ll be unexperienced, but extremely enthusiastic and eager to please. This sugar daddy might make a few mistakes, but as long as research is done, all should be fine. This is actually the type of sugar daddy that is most likely to fall in love with their sugar baby, with the inexperience in dealing with the new feelings involved. This is also the kind of sugar daddy that every sugar daddy has to be at least once, so take the plunge and see what kind of sugar daddy you can become!

Older Sugar Daddy

Older Sugar Daddy The most common image of a sugar daddy is usually an older sugar daddy, but they really one kind out of many. They have the most experience, and often the most money, so they can offer some essential advice to their sugar babies.

Marriage Material

Marriage Material A husband material sugar daddy is a rare thing – after all, most men are looking for sugar babies to get something that their wives aren’t providing, or for briefer relationships. But once in a while a man and his sugar baby will fall in love and get married.

Married Man

Married Man There are quite a few married sugar daddies, because they’re looking for what they’re missing in their marriage. They want a sugar baby to spend time with them, or to give them the sex that their wives can’t or won’t give them. A lot of times, the wives are aware of the sugar daddy arrangement, so there’s no harm done as long as everybody’s happy and fulfilled.

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