The Five Types Of Sugar Babies: The Most Commonly Seen

5 Types Of Sugar Baby

There are many different kinds of woman out there, but sugar babies are a whole different category. We have a list of the 5 most common types of sugar baby. You might not think it matter what type of sugar baby you date, but you’d be very wrong in thinking that, my friend. You need someone compatible for you and your lifestyle.

The College Student

The College Student This one is pretty obvious. Sugar babies who are in college don’t necessarily have the time to have a job, what with their extremely busy class schedules. That’s where rich men like you come in! These ladies look for sugar daddies to help pay their way through school, while also getting help with her basic costs of living. With your help, she can graduate completely debt free!

The Traveller

The Traveller This type of sugar baby loves to travel, and wants your help in funding her jet-setting dreams. This young woman wants to see the world before she settles down, but she can’t afford to do with no matter how many hours she works at her regular job. With a sugar daddy, she can quit her job and have more time to travel and the means to do it in style!

The Unemployed Babe

The Unemployed Babe This kind of sugar baby is usually a recent college graduate, so it isn’t necessarily a situation where she feels that she doesn’t need a job. Chances are she’s looking for one relating to her degree, but it’s tough out there! In the meantime, men like you can help.

The Rising Star

The Rising Star This woman is up and coming in the business and/or entertainment world, and while she’s perfecting her career, she needs a sugar daddy’s help. You can offer her money, and crucial advice at achieving and maintaining long-term success. You’d act as her mentor as well as her means of living for the time that it takes for her to find that independence.

The Rebound

The Rebound This can apply to either her or you. She might have just gotten out of a relationship and is looking to recover, or you’re looking for a woman to distract you from your separation. Either way, this type of sugar baby provides immense amounts of comfort. If she’s seeking you for a distraction, you can provide her with lots to do.

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