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Top Sugar Daddy Professions

High paying salaries are pretty much essential to being a sugar daddy, so make sure you have it! These are 5 of the highest paying jobs for sugar daddies. Sugar daddies tend to come out of the highest paying careers, and these are just some of those fields.

Corporate Executive

Corporate Executive This is a broad term to describe senior level executives. Obviously, CEO’s are the highest paid and most likely to have sugar babies, as they have the means and drive. These guys can travel to pretty much any part of the globe with a sugar baby accompanying him, and most do! Travel is a big part of business life for a corporate man so why not mix a little pleasure with business by bringing a sugar baby. Entrepreneurs fall into this category as well, as they frequently have sugar babies once they find success.


Lawyer Power is a big allure for a sugar baby, as well as money, so a lawyer is in the perfect position to provide for a sugar babe. They make their own schedules for the most part, so they can decide how much time they put aside for their sugar baby and her needs. On the other side, he can send his sugar babies on a nice vacation while he’s in court. Regardless, lawyers are frequent sugar daddies.


Politician There is, and always has been, an enormous number of sugar daddies in politics. The amount of power and money at a politician’s disposal is irresistible to sugar babies. They have no shortage of young ladies throwing themselves at them, so if you want sugar babies galore, consider getting into politics.


Entertainment This is another broad area where there’s lots of money to be made by successful people. This can be in the movie business, producing, music, and athletes. There are actually quite a few sugar daddies in sports, because they’re very rich, and very sought after. Women are drawn to successful men in the entertainment industry, and this is extremely evident by the number of sugar babies walking the red carpet. There’s a reason why Huge Hefner is the most famous and wealthy sugar daddy in the world – and it definitely has to do with his career choice.


Surgeon A surgeon is actually one of the highest paying careers in America, but it’s a job that leaves little time for romance. That’s why a sugar baby is the perfect arrangement for them. They can have a short, fulfilling relationships with beautiful women who are willing to give them exactly what they need and when they need it in the little free time their schedules allow.

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