Keeping Sugar Baby Interested | How To Keep Her Around

Keeping Your Sugar Baby Interested

There’s lots of advice for sugar babies out there, but what about the sugar daddies? We also want to know what’s going on and if we’re doing it right. You need to know that you’re doing everything you can to keep your sugar baby interested and with you. There are a number of reasons why she might end things, but you don’t want one of them to be that she’s bored or unfulfilled with you! Follow our advice.

Lots Of Gifts

Lots Of Gifts One of the central but unofficial rules for sugar dating is that the sugar daddy bestows his sugar baby with lots of gifts. There’s a reason for this. This is what sugar babies like. Share your wealth in the form of nice clothes, purses, shoes, cars, or whatever else she might enjoy. But don’t skimp on the presents when it comes to your sugar baby.

Keep The Surprises Coming

Keep The Surprises Coming If you met your sugar baby from online dating, which is frankly the easiest and most convenient way, then you already have an idea of what she expects. Go out of your way to surprise her whenever you can! Have a car delivered to her place for when she gets home, or whisk her away on a spontaneous trip somewhere. Keeping her guessing with pleasant surprises will keep her interested.

Wine And Dine

Keep your sugar baby fed with the finest foods you can possibly give her. Take her out for beautiful meals and drinks whenever you two have time. Fine dining is a staple in sugar dating so don’t neglect to take her for many of these dinners throughout your relationship. This is a great way to bond and get to know each other better, maximizing your sugar baby relationship.

Be Around

Be Around Don’t be too absent, or your sugar baby will look elsewhere for her needs. Keep your sugar baby company and let her know that you want to be around here and care what she thinks. Don’t make her lonely or neglected, shower her with your attention whenever you can so she wants to stick around.


Allowance Giving her a monthly or weekly allowance will go a step further in keeping her interested in staying with you. Not every sugar daddy offers this way of giving his sugar baby some financial independence in his absence, so go that extra mile and provide yours with one.

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