Life In The Fast Lane: Favorite Cars For Sugar Daddies

Favorite Sugar Daddy Cars

There’s a huge market for cars, but not everyone can afford them. Know who can? Sugar daddies can. These are the 5 cars most often owned by sugar daddies. Rich men often own the most luxurious cars on the market, and with good reason. They’re not your average, everyday vehicle, they stand out, they’re fast – and you can afford them! Why not show off your hard earned wealth a little bit?


Maserati A Maserati is a fast, sexy and sleek little sports car, so it’s an obvious choice for a sugar daddy. These men like to live in the fast lane, literally, so they want a car that drives as fast as they operate in life. Obviously the speed of these should not be tested on normal roads, so take it to a track if you really want to let it rip and see what it can do. Bring your sugar baby with you, because the speed and sexiness of the ride will lead straight into some Maserati sexy times.


Corvette The most recognizable name in luxury sports cars, this is a clear choice for a lot of sugar daddies. They make popular gifts for sugar babies as well – everyone loves a Corvette! And everyone knows the name.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce A Rolls is a classic car brand, and one that’s been owned by playboys and sugar daddies for decades. They’re the clearest expression of sophisticated wealth, so they’re an extremely popular car for sugar daddies and other rich men. The ride is smooth, the look is hot, and the girls love it, so there’s no reason why a sugar daddy shouldn’t choose this car.


Tesla Wealthy men all over North America are snapped up the newest Tesla model. It’s not the most affordable car on the market – far from it! – but it’s one of the newest and most talked about right now. It’s efficient as well so gas costs go way down, so driving these babies can be guilt free for those sugar daddies who care about the environment. Many millionaires are choosing this car over other just for that reason alone.


Ferrari It’s a dream car, most people can’t afford to own one, and never actually will. Sugar daddies don’t fall into this category. Many sugar daddies choose a Ferrari over other brand of cars because it’s a classic rich guy car. You know it’s fast, you know it’s expensive, and it’s impressive to the ladies. Sugar babies don’t want to be seen in a run-down Oldsmobile. They want to cruise in your Ferrari!

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