Famous Sugar Daddies: Celebrities Who Like Younger Women

5 Famous Sugar Daddies

Older men dating younger women has been in human history for centuries, with every day folk and more opting for a young lady to be by their side. Many famous men have kept the company of younger women, and that hasn’t changed. We have the most famous sugar daddies, some you might not have known about!

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas Michael Douglas isn’t always thought of as a sugar daddy, but the age difference between him and wife Catherine Zeta Jones is 25 years. When they were initially married, she was 31 and he was 56. He was already incredibly famous and wealthy, and while she was a somewhat popular actress, her career (and wealth) soared after their marriage.

Alan Thicke

Alan Thicke Alan Thicke is a Canadian actor known almost as much for his love of the younger ladies. He’s had many younger wives, but his current one is 38, which gives them a 28 year age gap between the two. His years of accumulated wealth probably didn’t hurt his odds with her in the beginning either.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Donald Trump’s current wife Melania is 25 years younger than the Trump himself, and chances are she isn’t in it for his rugged looks and charming personality. He’s one of the richest businessmen in America, so the appeal for her is pretty obvious. She went from a nameless foreign model to potential First Lady and one of the richest wives in the country. Not bad for a sugar baby.

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner The king of the sugar daddies can most certainly be declared to be this man. At 84, Hugh Hefner has had handfuls of sugar babies throughout his lifetime living in his Mansion. He famously lived with 3 sugar babies at one time, the “Girls Next Door” for years, until the relationships came to their natural ends. Many thought the mogul would never settle down with one woman but he did – with a sugar baby! His current wife, Crystal Hefner, is just 24 years old.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry probably isn’t who comes to mind when you think of sugar daddies, but he most definitely is. At 63, he’s married to a young woman who is 28 years old – that’s a 35 year age difference. While he’s definitely legendary, and could be considered a silver fox by some, chances are that his money and star status are what attracted her to him in the first place. There are definite perks for her being attached to Eastwood.

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