Sugar Dating Advice From A Real Life Sugar Baby: Nicole

Advice For Sugar Daddies From A Sugar Baby

Hear it here first, gentlemen. Practical advice you can use directly from a sugar baby, and we’ve got it here! What your sugar baby wants you to know. In order to make sure that you keep your sugar baby as happy as she can possibly be, these are five things that you want to make sure you do.

Send A Car

Send A Car Don’t make us drive ourselves to meet you, unless it’s in a super nice car that you’ve bought us, of course. If you want us to meet you somewhere and you can’t pick us up to go with you, it’s amazing when you send a car to take us there. It makes us feel special and important, I mean, not everybody has a private chauffeur! If you buy us a BMW though, I’m gonna want to drive that whenever, and wherever I can.

Take Us To Your Favorite Spots

Introduce us to some of the things you like and places your frequently go to. We’re interested in getting to know you, so showing us that you have a great taste for wine by taking us to a vineyard is a great plan. Plus, vineyards are amazing places. We know that you like places that are only top quality, and we’d love to get a chance to see inside.

Show Us Your World

Show Us Your World There’s a definite lifestyle difference between how you live your life, and how I would live mine without our arrangement. Without a sugar daddy, most of us sugar babies wouldn’t have a chance to eat at that 5-star restaurant in the city, or travel to another country. We love getting to experience new and exciting things.

Buy Us What We Need First

Sugar daddies that I have experience with tend to buy me things that they think I would like before asking what I need. I think it’s best to replace the old wardrobe or makeup kit before wearing tons of diamonds. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to be given jewellery and nice things! I just mean that you should make sure that our literal needs are taken care of before moving on to our wants.

Mentor Us

We want to learn from you; you’re an experienced and successful person. How did you get where you are today, and how can I do the same? It’s not all about being spoiled and pampered for all sugar babies. We want to know the secrets to success too so that we can achieve it in our futures. Sugar daddies are the perfect people to teach us that.

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